Declarations on MRP label

1. The common or generic names of the commodity-Rule 6(1)(b): Product/Article name.
In case of packages with more than one product, the name and number or quantity of each product shall be mentioned on the package: E.g. A retail pack for speaker may contain adapter, remote etc. in addition to speaker. Name and number or quantity of each product in the package to be mentioned.

2. Maximum Retail Price (MRP)- Rule 6(1)(e): to be mentioned as inclusive of all taxes in Indian currency.

## - MRP Rs. 200.00 (Incl. of all taxes) or
## - MRP ₹200.00 (Incl. of all taxes)1

3. Month and Year of manufacture- Rule 6(1)(d)2: w.e.f. 01.04.2022, compulsory to mention month and year of manufacture on the label- Illustration- “Month and Year of Manu. MM- YYYY”.

1 Whichever symbol is used to describe Indian Currency, i.e. either- Rs. Or - should be used consistently throughout the label. Cannot be “Rs.” at one place and at another.

2 Rule 6(1)(d) as amended vide Amendment Rules of 2021.

4. In case of imported goods, Country of origin/manufacture/assembly - Rule 6(1)(aa).

5. Name and address of the manufacturer. If manufacturer not the packer, then mention Name and address of both- Manufacturer & For imported goods, mention Name and address of importer. Refer Rule 6(1)(a).

6. Consumer complaint office name, address, phone number, and email address - Rule 6(2).

7. Net Quantity - Rule 6(1)(c). For items which are sold by number, e.f. 01.04.2022- the number or unit or piece or pair or set or such other word which represents the quantity in the package shall be mentioned- Rule 13(5)(ii)3

a. Net Quantity: 1 Unit
b. Qty: 2 Sets
c. Net Qty: 3 Pairs

Please note, in view of Rule 13(5)(ii), depending upon the nature of the goods, whichever phrase (i.e. either set/pair/piece) represents the quantity more accurately should be mentioned on the label- to be examined on case to case basis.

8. Unit sale price- Rule 6(11)4: Declaring Unit sale price of the packaged goods has been added as a requirement in addition to declaring MRP. W.e.f. 01.04.2022, ONLY on those packages which contain multiple units - Unit sale price shall be mentioned as Rs. Xxx per g/ kg/meter/cm/meter/ number/ ml or litre, as the case may be.
a. Rs. Xxx per Unit
b. ₹ Xxx per Number
c. Rs. Xxx per Pair

Please note, the unit sale price should be declared using the same word (unit/number/piece/pair/set) which is used to describe quantity on the label. For example, if the quantity on the label is described as “3 Pairs”, the unit sale price would be- “Rs. Xxx per Pair”.

9. Where size of the commodity is relevant, dimensions shall be mentioned on the package. Illustration- AA cm x BB cm. If the package contains multiple pieces of different sizes- dimensions of each piece to be mentioned. Refer Rule 6(1)(f).

10. W.e.f. 01.04.2022, when one or more packages intended for retail sale are grouped together for being sold as a retail package on promotional offer, every package of the group shall comply with the declaration requirements- Rule 4(2)5.

11. Where a package consists of number of components, which are for sale as a single commodity- the label (with all above declarations) will appear on the main package; information about package/box contents to be also mentioned on main package- OR Declaration may be given on individual packages and intimation to that effect may be given on the main package.

3 Rule 13(5)(ii) as substituted vide Amendment Rules of 2021.
4 Rule 6(11) as inserted vide Amendment Rules of 2021.
5 Rule 4(2) as inserted vide Amendment Rules of 2021.

Please note, if the components sold as spare parts, all declarations shall be given on each package.

12. Additional Requirements-Refer Rule 8 & 9:
# The area surrounding quantity disclosure needs to be free from printed information:
(a) above and below by a space equal to at least the height of the numeral in the declaration and
(b) To the left and right by a space at least twice the height of numeral in the declaration
# Every declaration must be legible and prominent;
# Contents must be visible in the same area (or panel) on the
# Information cannot be split on different panels of packaging. Except, the pre-printed information could be grouped together and given in one place and online information grouped together in other place. Rule 2(h)
# Where a package is provided with an outside container or wrapper such container or wrapper shall also contain all the declarations which are required to appear on the package except where such container or wrapper itself is transparent and the declarations on the package itself are easily readable through such outside wrapper.

Principal display panel-its area, size and letter etc. – Rule 7

Definition: "Principal display panel" (PDP), in relation to a package, means the total surface area of the package where the information required under these rules are to be given.

Place for MRP Label. (Area of PDP) – Rule 7(4)

# a) in the case of a rectangular package, where one entire side can properly be considered to be the principal display panel side, the height multiplied by the width of that side;
# b) in case of a cylindrical or nearly cylindrical package, 40 per of the product of the height of the package multiplied by the circumference;
# c) in case of any other shaped package, 40 per cent. of the total surface of the package, or an area considered to be a principal display panel of the package

Font size for letters and numerals

1. In the case of a package having a capacity of ten cubic centimeters or less, the principal display panel may be a card or tape affixed firmly to the package and shall bear the required
2. The height of any numeral and letter in the MRP Label shall be as per Table-I.
3. The width of the letter or numeral shall not be less than one third of its height, except in the case of numeral " 1" and letters (i), (I) and (l);

Language of label: The declarations to be made under these rules shall be either in Hindi or in English. In addition, declarations in other languages can also be there.


Serial Number Area of Principal display panel in square centimeters (A) Minimum height of numerals and letters in millimeters Minimum height of numerals and letters when blown, formed or molded on surface of container in millimeters
(1) (2) (3)
1 A ≤ 50 1.0 2.0
2 50 < A ≤ 100 1.5 3.0
3 100 < A ≤ 500 2.5 4.0
4 500 < A ≤ 2500 4.0 6.0
5 2500<A 6.0 6.0]



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